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Operation Butterfly. Change - Reaching Out

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

The UK Children's Act 89 legally sets out minimum contact between parent/main Carer and their child/children at one hour per month. This contact is usually supervised, one hour of contact per month is often standard.

As the recent Independent Review of Children's Social Care for England by Josh MacAlister (2022) reports, families of children in Care are being broken rather than supported, scant contact contributing to this catastrophe for families.

If you are the birth mother of a child in Care (or the birth mother of a child that was previously in Care) we would like to hear from you. Help us share stories or poems of the reality of having the system engulf us and take our children, significant numbers also reported being adopted without family consent. (Prof Andy Bilson of Central Lancashire University -Womensgrid 2 August 2017). Over 90% of children adopted today are adopted without family consent. (Support not Separation blog 2 Sept 2022)

Sharing information can help create much-needed understanding for mothers caught up in the current draconian Child Care system. Statistics of children who have been in Care are sadly represented, notably in Mental Health figures and the homeless, few represented in figures of higher education..

We are also seeking ideas to somehow assist in helping bring together the thousands of families that have been broken unnecessarily by the system.

The UK Government is now in the process of considering its response to the Josh MacAlister Children's Social Care Review for England (2022), as the Review pushes for much-needed change. "Time will tell" recently responded Josh MacAlister

( Webinar 9 June 2022) to a question regarding how effective Government reforms would be and what changes and recommendations from the Review would be taken up. Readers are encouraged to take the time to read the invaluable SnS blog regarding their views and concerns about the Children's Social Care Review 2022, their blog dated 2nd August 2022 available on the Support Not Separation (SnS) Website.

The stated SnS deep overall concerns regarding the 2022 Children's Social Care Review being that the recommendations of the MacAlister report would not assist vulnerable mothers and their children, but rather increase their vulnerability to the already over powered State child grabbing arm. As a mother previously directly effected by the draconian British Child Care industry, I can only agree with the SnS assessment and concerns. My cynicism and trauma resulting from having my child snatched by the British State lead me not to seek participation in the enquiry, concerned about the intention, independence and loyalty of the enquiry. The SnS view appears to support my concerns, and I conversely support theirs as stated in the SnS 2nd August blog. The Review was not conducted independently, a telling factor in the outcome.

As Mothers who have been through the Care system or are still involved, it is important we keep pushing for the change we want to see, the change that could make a difference to other mothers, their children, and their families.

Seeking to be both creative and impactful.


Operation Butterfly.. Change

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