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Operation Butterfly. Change

Updated: Sep 27

Seeking meaningful change to the way birth mothers are severely marginalised and alienated from their children when their children are taken by the State under suspicion. To be both creative and impactful.

Acknowledging the phenomenal work and 2017 launch of the London-based group and coalition Support Not Separation (SnS), campaigning for support for mothers and/main carers, not separation. "A coalition to end the unwarranted and damaging separation of children from their mothers or other primary carer" SnS blog. I apologise a very compelling launch article link is not available here but is an important related read. (see Womensgrid 2nd August 2017). Coordinated by Legal Action for Women (LAW), SnS brings together affected families, their supporters, and a wide range of organisations, social workers, psychotherapists, teachers, and other professionals alarmed at the huge rise in children taken from their families. A key request from SnS families effected, to the Government is "Take away our poverty not our children".

Speaking out against the untransparent, profit making, privatisation of Children's Services in England and the unwarranted removal of children from their families.

Operation Butterfly. Change based in the UK, is aiming to share our poetry, stories, creativity, and concerns, and possibly, eventually develop the capacity to Lobby Government for necessary change as we can;

to be creative and impactful

If you think you could support this cause it would be great to hear from you.

Email: Operation.Butterfly.Change@gmail.com

Operation Butterfly. Change

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