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Operation Butterfly. Change - Part Two

Updated: Sep 23

In a statement last year (2021) regarding an Independent Child Social Care Review of the Children's Social Care system in England by Review Chair teacher Josh MacAlister, Mr MacAlister concluded in a statement on Chanel 5 News, that families of children in Care "are broken rather than supported".

Mother/child estrangement develops from years of unnecessary separation resulting from decades of draconian social Care Services, breaking families rather than supporting them. Further, refer to Support Not Separation blog dated

2nd August 2022 Titled "Review of Children's Services - NOT in the "best interest" of chilidren & families". Website: supportnotseparation.blog

Operation Butterfly. Change is being developed, to offer a creative outlet to birth mothers affected by these issues. Any ideas would be welcomed for discussion and consideration.

If readers think they can offer support or poetry to this site or wish to suggest a concept that could help contribute to change, we would look forward to hearing from you.

JangleforPeace with poetry or related news by contacting us on;

Email: Operation.Butterfly.Change@gmail.com

At the end of the day we are all looking for Peace, both for our children and in our hearts.


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