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Operation Butterfly. Change "Nobody's Child"

Updated: Sep 27

At least 90% of adoptions carried out in Britain today occur without parental/family consent.

While the British Government now owns wrongs for the heartache of enforced child adoptions of decades now long past (in the 1950s, 1960s,1970s) they fail to acknowledge their unethical equivalently harmful actions of today.

Please see critical information from the coalition group Support Not Separation (SnS) blog dated 2nd September 2022 regarding this important under-reported subject matter.

The coalition Support not Separation is coordinated by Legal Action for Woman (LAW) of London.

Blog SnS Dec 17 2021 "Why is Harriet Harman refusing to hear evidence about forced adoptions happening today"

Children of lower socio-economic groups (those living in poverty) are now classed as commodities - privatisation of Children's Services is big business. Refer Support Not Separation blog 20 April 2022 titled,

"Obscene profits being made from children's and mothers' misery".

"100,000 Children taken from their mothers - who is profiting?" (SnS) 23 Nov 2021

"Over 12,000 Children missing from "Care" in 2020 statistics - SnS blog 19 Nov 2021

Without years of grafting and commitment to the formation and coordination of the group Support Not Separation (SnS), this critical and alarming data would remain flying under the radar of public knowledge.

"Care experienced children mortality rates five times higher" (SnS) blog Jan 13 2022

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