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Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Sense v the pound. Playing For Change. Our borderless society has our eyes open to the egos, dysfunction and greed driving this planet and its peoples to unnecessary destruction.

Watch this space.

To assist we recommend you join/support one of your local Climate Activist groups. Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth or Extinction Rebellion (XR). Union of Justice is a new Climate/Racial equality centred organisation launched by the very reputable Magid Magid .

NASA Climate Scientists have urgently put out a call for a Billion Climate activists needed to assist in the saving of humanity and the worlds critical ecosystems.


Ref @ClimateHuman by Peter Kalmus - see important tweet dated 11 April 2022 and Greta Thunberg, her last tweet of 2021 @

Greta's tweet was stating that if world leaders wanted to take action to assist mitigating climate change, they would have already done so. They do not require a Summit to take initiative.

To effect change we must pull together as members of the public and international community. If we want to make a difference, we need to be disciplined, make intelligent choices, be innovative, respect each other, keep calm but be effective and together we will make an impact on Climate Change. We cannot reverse Climate change that has already occurred, but we must stop further exacerbation of that change and we must be COMMITTED. We must start immediately. That is the word from NASA Scientists. Do not wait for your Government. Choose not to fly. choose what to buy, grow what ever you can. Learn to grow. Grow on your balcony or inside. Make choices for your planet.

OFF-ROAD REPUBLIC respects all peoples and human spirituality. Our goal is to assist to create a peaceful planet that represents the intelligence we were born with as humans. We seek to help mobilise the billion activists needed to make a difference. (@ClimateHuman) We encourage communities that respect the natural world and its sensitive eco systems, that we nurture them rather than destroy them with chemicals and toxic waste or destruction. The worlds societies are currently driven by money, focussed on the generation of wealth at any cost to the environment or man kind. This dead end egotistical way of life has led the world to the point of Climate Change and disaster that now threatens us all. To survive we must change course in a United capacity.

The future of our children and all future children is dependant on how we now all act.

Environmental Science says - Get Cars off the Road STOP INVESTING IN FOSSIL FUELS

Be Fly Don't Fly

Just because you can afford to, does not mean you should.

Buy a push bike, Use public transport, demand it is free, holiday in your own country unless you can get there by train. (though I understand both electric and solar powered planes are being developed). Consider how you can help within your community and action those thoughts as you are able.

We are in a Climate Emergency - Governments - they are financially caught up in the pockets of Corporations run by the wealthy of this planet. Only money and our cooperation with the financial system allows Corporations to maintain their power. OFF-ROAD REPUBLIC is an alternative way of succeeding, through the recognition of Deeds over wealth.

The psychology of gits who produce toxic forever chemicals that kill bees & birds, and other wildlife as well as destroying soil quality, is similar to the soulless human controlling financial markets and the associated Roulette wheel of investment that ensures the wealthy continue to accumulate wealth (at any cost to the environment) and that a percentage of the population continues feeding the bank accounts of that demographic.

Why could currencies not operate with equal value to remove the gamesmanship involved with financial institutions? Why cant we just produce what we need as opposed to anything at any cost to the environment.

That humanity has reduced the wonder of a planet so pristine and complex both ecologically and culturally, to such a soup of destruction in such a brief span in time is an insult to human intelligence.

OO Over a hundred years on from the First World War, when working class men had lined the hell of the trenches, (from so many lands) in a war so horrific it was said it would end all wars. Yet many kin of those men do not earn a living wage, still, over a hundred years on. Instead, in the time span that has passed, the planet, its peoples, its wildlife, ecosystems, oceans, rivers and Climate are pushed to near destruction.

Join Republic

to effect the political reform required to tackle Climate change

Climate Change started in Britain with the industrial revolution.

Thousands of Aristocrats with a thirst for excess,

Palaces and bank accounts to feed. They are still there with the same needs.

Nearly 100 still nesting in the House of Lords.

Join Republic

OFF-ROAD REPUBLIC is a peaceful deeds led society. focused on achieving fair sustainable communities. We recognise that the world has limited resources, and we need to urgently adapt. Achieving our goals will not be financially driven, the driving force rather a coming together of like minded individuals to put in the work required to do what needs to be done;

Join one of your local Climate Action groups. Join Republic to assist with the political change necessary to address issues on Climate.


under the flag Albatross.

a bird with the widest wing span in the world.

It is also unlucky to kill an Albatross

a bird revered by both pirates and mariners (though of course pirates were also mariners)



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