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Updated: Sep 27

For Mamas and (Papas)/Primary Carers who have unjustly had their children taken by the British State. For Chloe, and kids in Care, know we

Care, Big Love.

We hope readers will follow through our selection of short informative blogs. The statistics of kids in Care and their families are onerous/alarming and not generally discussed in the public domain. An example being, 12,000 children were known to go missing within the British Care system in 2020. This information and further facts are discussed in blog three - "Operation Butterfly. Change - Nobody's Child" . Blog 16 looks briefly at data regarding the psychological effects of Care on children and Care Experienced individuals. Over 80,000 children are affected by the "Care" system in England, and that figure is projected to steadily rise.

Ref: Children's Social Care Review for England 2022 by Josh MacAlister.

Children's Services, "Care", appears by all accounts to now be a form of profit-driven industry.

"Obscene profits being made from children's and mothers' misery" Blog April 21 2022 by highly professional coalition Support Not Separation. (SnS) is coordinated by Legal Action for Women (LAW) of London.

We invite readers to become a member of JangleforPeace

& OperationButterfly. Change to support our cause for Change including our protest against the ever-expanding untransparent profit driven privatisation of Children's Care Services in Britain.

Please see our last blog for further information re membership and what that has to offer.

You may join via our Contact Page just by supplying your email address.

JangleforPeace acknowledges the phenomenal work carried out by the coalition group Support Not Separation (SnS) coordinated by Legal Action for Women (LAW) of London -

Support Not Separation - "SnS has come from decades of work by LAW, and other grassroots organisations based at the Crossroads Woman's Centre" ................... SnS brings together a wide range of organisations, social workers, psychotherapists, teachers and other professionals alarmed at the huge rise in children taken from their families". Ref legalactionforwomen.net Support Not Separation launched in 2017.

@NotSeparation #SnS #SupportNotSeparation

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