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Updated: Oct 1, 2022

On the floor - A prosecuting barrister of legal environmental breaches, conveyed to 'Friends of the Earth' in a Webinar, that all the Companies he had successfully bought prosecutions against, were companies listed on the London Stock Exchange. I rest my case. It's not Cricket.


What the frack is going on in London?

Recommend: NASA Climate Scientist Peter Kalmus @ClimateHuman @GeorgeMonbiot


Tory's are aiming to sign off permission for the go ahead of Rosebank Oil & Gas field in 2 days? - planning on authorising drilling off the North of Scotland, and 39 other Fossil Fuel investment projects by 2025, when the planet is on fire and the Climate Scientists (@ClimateHuman 11 April 2022), the Global population, wildlife and damaged ecosystems are screaming STOP FOSSIL FUEL INVESTMENT. Keep it in the Ground. Tory - an insult to human intelligence.

The British Crown - an indistinguishable entity one reads, as it is incestuously intertangled with the unelected House of Lords and the legally unaccountable - 'you cannot prosecute me because I am part of the British Royal Family' firm, having legal Immunity, overseeing the portion of the Government that the public did actually elect.

This soup of unaccountability has for hundreds of years set the backdrop for a murky swamp legitimizing the 'anything goes' as long as it is making and maintaining the wealth, of the wealthy, kind of incestuous front shop, allowed to continue on its merry destructive way, because legally and logistically, the Crown, under which, havoc reigns (think Climate Change started in Britain ).

The 'Crown' (The British Royal Family, The House of Lords, The Commons), an entity intentionally, unable to be legally pinned down (think, the highly foreseen horrific Aberfan disaster, Grenfell, the bloods scandal, to name a few,) and all those milking associated wealth from the rigged Roulette Wheel of financial investment, are tied safely away out of public reach, as designed in volumes of law and Statues, and self-serving pages of Constitution designed in an era when slavery - enslaving and transporting the enslaved, was accepted legal practice by the British 'Crown'(which inc Peers of the House of Lords) complicit in such practice as a means of the accumulation of wealth.

Ref: 23 December 1837 (2 days prior to Christmas & in the depths of the dark winter solstice)The British Parliament passed into law;

The Slave Compensation Act 1837

This law required the taxpayer to compensate 40,000 British owners of enslaved persons in regions around the World, including but not limited to, the Caribbean Islands. British owners of enslaved persons were gifted the equivalent of 20 million pounds per enslaved person (to be freed) owner to be compensated for their loss of income from enslaving persons of other lands, requiring the British Government to borrow record amounts of funding to meet such a financial burden.

" The Slave Compensation Act 1837

authorised the Commissioners for the REDUCTION of National Debt

to compensate owners of enslaved persons in the British Colonies of the Caribbean, Mauritius, and the Cape of Good Hope in the amount of 20 million for freed slaves".

30% of Britain's population are Aristocrats, who orchestrate control and the generation of wealth through the manipulation of financial markets such as the London Stock Exchange coupled by an incestuous involvement in the running of the country, without any regard for the environment or harm to mankind.

Royal accent required.

Ref: The Establishment & How They Get Away With It by Journalist Owen Jones.

It was announced that the MOD are aiming to have 30,000 robotic soldiers in operation by 2030. Ref: The Guardian 8 Nov 2020.

Join/Vote REPUBLIC to create much needed political reform, while there is still the choice to do so. Humanity and our environment are at a critical crossroads and the current political framework does not have the integrity required to address the challenges of Climate Change.

Supporting Mothers Rise Up @mothersriseup Greenpeace Friends of the Earth XR

#JustStopOil @JangleforPeace

Fossil Fuel Investment is Just Not Cricket (Lloyds - Insurance - Fossil Fuel Industry)

JP Morgan Chase - The most significant investors in Fossil Fuels @ClimateHuman

To the Music of Dire Straits

'Twisting by the Pool'

(think Profumo Affair 1961, Raab in Crete when Kabul fell 2021, & that % destroying our planet through blind greed - Oil, Gas, Chemicals, Pesticides, Weapons .........)

'Money for Nothing'

'Olivers Army' by Elvis Costello & The Attractions

Supporting Playing For Change JangleforPeace

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