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Updated: Oct 5

The rush of a Corporate take over, eating up the little guys too, spitting them out. Reputations to be maintained at any cost. The accumulation of excessive wealth, what ever it takes.

The senses, the planning, the build up, making the right calls, the payoff, the adrenaline rush.

The planet is on its last legs. JP Morgan Chase. Co, the single most prolific investor in Fossil Fuels by such a long shot, no concern for populations or ecosystems, oceans or Wildlife. Playing Roulette with our environment & Climate, the Investors Game.

The spin, the chips, The Gambler, the players, the pension funds, retirement funds, the hungry, the blind, the addicted, the dependent, the winners, the loses. A crumbling planet. Roulette

Against the clock

The Gambler

Playing For Change Jangle Dog Mellow Yellow


because every dog has their day @JangledogMellow

Invest with Triodos or The Cooperative for ethical banking as recommended by Friends of the Earth for ethical banking. As far as we know Triodos

Bank is one of the few banks on the planet not controlled by the dominant Rothschild Banking, we own/controll the Bank of England and just about every bank on the planet type family. (except the bank of Iran).


Requesting other dog photos be sent in to support Jangle Dog & to assist us in making a statement to the soulless financial markets and banking systems comlicit in supporting climate change & social injustice. . Added glasses would be cute for cool. No clothed dogs please. Just the glasses to assist in maintaining pooch anonymity lol.

Email: jangledog.mellowyellow@outlook.com

We have some Jangle Dog names to share; Baron, Duke, Count, Prince, Tiger, Crystal, Princess, River, Ocean, Juice, Karma, Polar, Freedom, Delilah, Tom, Oval, Blue, Maverick, Seaweed, Chance and Lipton, Atlas, Moby, Honey & Lucky, oh my! names are such a special part of ones being. Rocky and Wave, might be other options. Will just have to see what arrives in the post. Nothing like a name, glasses and some marketing.

The Heat is On

Ref: Climate Scientists - "We need a billion Climate Activists" Peter Kalmus

@ClimateHuman Tweet 11 April 2022 In desperation

The Roulette Wheel has been rigged for so long, now,

time to reshuffle. PEACE


For the Love of the Game

Interest & Investment Playing For Change

Evidence Based change rather than that at the mercy of manipulated Research.

Scientists have warned of Global warming over the last 40 years

Consumer Goods are mindlessly being produced to ensure financial turnover nothing more

few goods consider the environment when produced

Capitalism has led us here

companies must effect change and take responsibility for what they produce and how they produce products without greenwashing


Take a Spin for the type of World you believe in

To rearrange our economic lives using the intelligence God gave us.

We could potentially stabilise interested currencies to remove financial Gamesmanship

keep sport to the field or oval and not at the expense of populations and the environment


We are now on Cricket - At Lords London - Torys have already been into bat and we have their score, run rate, team, players, the big hitters,

Yes Dave Grensill Cameron an example and

Fracking Rees-Mogg

A Govt return to fracking probably a decoy to suck up activists away from the crucial need to demand an end to the facical destructive unaccountable untouchable fog of the entity known as "The CROWN"

& Oh what a Night Boris, budgeter Liz, yes I'm a good kisser Matt,Anywhere any time

Do you remember Kathryn, Independent Parliamentary Standards Commissioner STONE?

and Grenfell? does that horror engage Crown e senses??

The Women's Institute or a group of first year Uni students could run this Country in a manner that would bring shame to the adults that sit in the British Parliament that operates under the fog of the label


ROULETTE with populations the oceans wildlife and the planets ecosystems and ALL WATER WAYS ruthlessly disregarded - raw sewage spewing into many

We challenge this Government Complicit in feeding destruction

For the Love of the Game


Join REPUBLIC to effect meaningful political change.

Banking & finance - those figures in your bank account are merely electronic trials of ink intended to restrict and control us.

We are in a Climate Emergency requiring initiative, ingenuity, collaboration, cooperation and decisive action

Deeds are critically important. Act responsibly (however you interpret that) act kindly and jus. Just go about your daily business in the most eco friendly way possible. Join a Climate Action Group or follow one online

Grow food, Do not hoard, share

If you become aware there is need for assistance in a particular area and you can assist please do so.

Restrict consumerism and travel by being considerate to the Climate Emergency we are in.

Ref: Climate Scientist for NASA and collegues 11 April 2022


Plea from NASA Scientist Peter Kalmus - We Need a Billion Climate Activists with immediate effect

There has been a call across Twitter from numerous organisations, for protests at Westminster commencing today 1st October - ref: @JustStop_Oil

#Civil Resistance #EnoughisEnough #A22Network

#NoNewOil #JustStopOil

The hypocracy of Coca Cola as a sponsor of COP27

As Magid Magid said - we are asking the wrong people to do the right thing

Do no harm


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