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Is the Mental Health System fit for purpose?

Updated: Sep 26

The recent Independent Children's Social Care Review for England produced by Josh MacAlister (2022) highlighted Mental Health as a factor behind Child Care protection services stepping in and children becoming lost to Children's Social Care services, including foster care - families broken. Asking is the Mental Health System fit for purpose for Mothers and women in general is an important question? It is not

the first time this question has been asked.

Is there a correlation between draconian Mental Health Sectioning laws and patient distress and self harm? should more questions be asked about how draconian Mental Health services are run? Locked wards the norm, sectioning used with frequency as a measure to medicate rather than on occasion as stated by a third year student nurse, the subject considered for her third year Dissertation. Is this scenario for medicating Mental Health patients a box ticking exercise by psychiatrists seeking to cover their Duty of Care form or really necessary? As a Psychologist once highlighted, Psychiatrists medicate, Psychologists communicate and utilise communication as a tool in their patient care.

Women in England in recent years have reported the Mental Health system not fit for purpose for women (Radio 4 in England a couple of years ago). Women self harming at record numbers over concerns of having their care removed from their control sighted as the cause. Intimidation has long been the cornerstone of running Mental Health service inpatient delivery.

Self harm also said to be at record highs for women entrapped in prisons in England and Wales. (Is locking people in small restricted spaces for lengthy periods really the way to offer help? sarcasm inescapable).

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