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HRH Harriet Romeo Halfpenny - To be a Grass or not be a Grass?

Updated: May 30

Artificial grass is part of the scourge of the modern world, harming the natural world developed over thousands of years of gardening and wilding culture. Artificial grass is not a quick fix for convenience, it's a biohazard. Say no to artificial grass. Help us get it taken off the market. What buys, sells. Just say no to artificial grass.

The goodness of grass and wilding - wild grass areas supply birds and bees with access to wildflowers and their natural fodder. Mowed grass supplies us with free natural compost. If we do not wake back up to growing our own, and looking after a more natural world this critical generationally passed-on skill of growing will be lost.

Please see our first HRH blog on growing for beginners - for the birds & the bees - it's a buzz once your get going - The Mint Challenge - is as easy as pie, you just need to understand why. - Delicious Mint the simplest of herbs to grow, you just need a plant and there is very little else you need to know - just a bit of soil, sun & water and it will grow - try it in a pot - forget me not. Try it in mint tea or a salad or with cooked potatoes. HRH

Battery recycling is important for our planet too, Tesco and Lidl and many other retailers are helping to make that easier for us all to do. Don't let batteries and tech end up in normal waste, the toxic damage to landfills a nightmare for generations to come as well as a hazard to both soil and waterways.. Children of today and tomorrow will wear the tragedy of related harmful neurological sorrow. Only

dispose of batteries and tech at a safe recyling battery and tech depot. HRH

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