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HRH - Harriet Romeo Halfpenny - the Romance of gardening on a Shoestring budget - PEACE

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

The Spring Onion & Mint Challenge

So easy is growing herbs as a special gift for either a friend or your own table. A ribbon added on a special occasion or as seasoning for the pot, but forget them you will not.

So easy to grow they will become like friends until that day you either give them away or they reach your salad bowl, in a casserole, stew or in with a pot of potatoes. One way or the other the romance of your young garden, no matter whether it is made up of no more than one or two pots or many more, will never feel like a chore.

The insect world will know your garden is there too, but so hardy are these herbs they will not worry you.

If on a budget you could advertise for second-hand pots and plants if need be, something as wild as mint can be sprouted so easily from a cutting you'll see,

in a jar of water if broken off in the right place, why there is no telling what could develop if you meet the right face. (Community groups or your garden shop may help). Any pot can make do, or an area of dirt if you are lucky enough to have some, will do just fine, these herbs will grow in no time.

Just check the planting and growing season in your region. Growing can become an addiction, but one that provides warmth and comfort in a world of so much regret. Growing your own helps bring peace. HRH

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