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HRH - Harriet Romeo Halfpenny - Shoestring Happiness for the sake of our planet & our kids - Peace

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

HRH Spring

The Birds & The Bees

England was named in 2021 by Channel 4 News as one of the most nature depleted countries in Europe. Areas where once either wild flowers or natives grew in abundance, ecologically healthy habitats are missing, domestic plants are missing from our gardens too replaced by easy care paving or dare I say "Artificial grass".

Greenpeace also announced in early 2022 that UK businesses banned from selling their dangerous environmentally toxic chemicals and fertilizers in the UK are selling them overseas as a result of a loophole in the law. We could write to our MP's to ask them to take political action.

Imagine the harm such chemicals have done to biodiversity prior to this ban. We can all help by growing what we can, feeding both birds and bees in the process in the critical ecological chain of life. A sky without birds, the loss of both their natural beauty and ecological imbalance caused by their loss is almost unthinkable.

Consider how you can help by growing your own herbs flowers and/or vegetables. Mint is as simple as a weed to grow, hardy and delicious raw in a salad or cooked in with potatoes. Recommended either in a pot or in the ground in full sun or partial shade, in well drained soil. (Ring your local garden shop if you get stuck or google for advice). Spring onions, courgettes and/or tomatoes are great vegetables to start with and to grow in the same way, simple to grow, prolific and delicious. Before you know it you will be growing your own.

Home grown can make great gifts too for those days when you have extra.

Love grass too. It makes the perfect compost. If you don't have much grass, consider asking the council if they can drop some off when they mow? Or a neighbor may need help with their lawn and may give you their clippings for your garden compost. The art and romance of growing your own is being lost. If we don't teach ourselves and share our knowledge with our kids, when will they learn to grow their own?

HRH Harriet Romeo Halfpenny - Happiness should not cost the earth. Peace.

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