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A Big Welcome to Visitors

Updated: Sep 26

Giving a big shout-out to new visitors as we build our special new site. We sing where we can, for marginalised birth mothers, who have had their children taken by the State, for related politics and the environment.

Our focus is on peace and a fairer society, stepping away from the further establishment of the Class driven British Establishment, a task that needs your support where you are able. Our choices help shape our world. We hope you might join as we develop this free site to progressively become more informative. Assisting us to increase circulation and traffic would mean a lot.

Where possible we hope this site will resonate with, and possibly in some small way assist marginalised birth mothers who have had children removed by the State. We refer here to Operation Butterfly. Change which we have shared information about in five important short blogs. We seek to be both creative and impactful regarding this cause.

We should not be defined by our possessions, wealth, or lack of wealth, but by our deeds & what is in our hearts. At the end of the day we ultimately seek peace.

Also supporting the great work of photographers who have shared their photographs that help make up this site, musicians, and all those involved with the organisation

Playing for Change

and the Playing for Change Foundation www.playingforchange.com

Join the Movement Change through Music

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